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Craze for Medical Attention Overseas

By Paul Ikechukwu Duru
Published July 31st, 2014

Our leaders now travel abroad for medical treatment after a little or ‘big’ ailment. They believe the only way to spend the massive wealth ‘strangulated’ from the innocent Nigerian and their God given gift in their custody is to run overseas for treatment. My view is that none of them have been able to use the money to save his live. Obasanjo’s wife(Stella) died outside the country and was brought back home, Yar’adua died outside the country, a whole President of the nation and was flown back, Akunyili the great woman of NAFDAC could not die in her own country where she worked assiduously to  rid of illegal drugs; many governors travel every week for medical treatment or the other and yet they cannot use their executive powers to provide same for themselves and their people in the country. Rather some of them die there and their carcasses are flown back to Nigeria for burial with many eulogies from their associates amidst funfair and further wastage of resources.

What a shame! One questions that kept on bothering me is this: when has any political leader from those countries like America, Germany, India, China, Britain and the likes run to Nigeria for medical treatment or attention? Mandela died in a hospital in South Africa. Nobody flew him to all those countries. If you ask our leaders they will tell you Nigeria does not have the medical facility. Over there, how was the medical facility provided for? Was it not the same group of leaders who see the importance of putting things in order while they have the opportunities that they benefit from? The Bible is clear; it is what you sow that you reap. They are afraid to patronize their own products because they did not sow there.


The masses groan every day for medical attention yet the doctors are on strike, the medical facilities are not there but the money to fly abroad and spend Dollars, Euros and Pounds are available. In the 70s and 80s that I remember, the governments’ hospitals were adjudged the best-the universities teaching hospitals were consolations when the states’ hospitals failed. But check out today, what do you have? Private and quack hospitals are the order siphoning the resources of very few people who can patronize them of their hard earned money and sending many to early graves. Let us repent.

Let our leaders look back, let the wealthy look back; let us fund our hospitals, let us patronize government hospitals. When our leaders fund them and patronize them, they will see areas where there are needs for improvements and before you know it; our hospitals will be safe for medical treatments.

Paul Ikechukwu Duru
Ishaga, Lagos



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