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By: Dr. Imuetinyan Igbinnosa

Published June 26th, 2014

Extreme terrorists have become used to killing for religious reasons; Political and non-political leaders have become used to struggle for advantage and wealth including through sycophancy, benefactor-ism and looting of public wealth; Cult groups have become used to contract awards peddling and violence including in the civil service and during elections; and other potholes to national development decried by Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe. And many times they do so calling on the name of God Almighty, suggesting that God approves of their deeds. But did God really send them, as some claim?

Recently, as people prayed in the light of national and global trends, God Almighty revealed that the world is presently in a Dispensation of Freedom to Salvation and Healing: Then said, “I want people cared for: With My Word and with sustenance. I will be merciful upon whom I will be merciful.” A careful understanding of what the Big Man of the Universe says brings out the truth about our Creator God Almighty. The following are issues for thought, and mutual action:



1.     God is asking for help: By saying, “I want….” It means that the Creator of the heavens and earth is seeking human partners to help carry out specific tasks; as members of His household not as equals. Someone might therefore be surprised to read, or hear that God is asking for help! Another might say, it is us who should ask God for help. These doubts are understandable: Until the realization that we have become used to telling God, through human religions and politics and cultures, what we think is the right way! It is time to listen more to our Creator! Rampant poverty, diseases like HIV/AIDS, insecurity and extinction, all evidence the error of not studying to know the likes and dislikes of our Maker. The truth is, God is asking for help! This discovery agrees with what Jesus Christ the Lamb of God said to His disciples, after resurrection from death to pay for the sins of the world, “Do you love Me more than these? Then feed and tend My people.” This also agrees with the mission agenda of the Holy Spirit on earth, to save and to heal.


2.     People are God’s focus: By saying, “I want people cared for…..” the Lord God reveals His deep love for humans, exposed by the earth God created to be suitable for human habitation. Since the sovereign Ruler of the Universe cannot lie, it is safe to conclude that God wants people nursed to good health and prosperity. Therefore, to hurt people is disrespectful to God: And to do so in or with the name of God is defamatory and blatantly wrong.


3.     Care with My Word: Like looking at a face in the mirror, it becomes obvious why global strategies and philanthropy to care have met with little or no relative impact on human growth, despite huge annual investments. The international community largely does not consult with God Almighty in planning to solve global challenges like rapidly expanding poverty, insecurity, unemployment, illegal migration, and others. If God successfully created the heavens and earth with His word, then the right way to care for people is according to His word. The Lord is looking for people and leaders who will implement His word to show kindness to His people in this present generation, and to cast out devils.


4.     Care with Sustenance: Citizens are groaning daily to God Almighty for usually inexpensive necessities of life that intelligent leadership can easily provide. These necessities of life, including food and non-food items and finance, are required for human right to freedom of expression and abundant life. God wants people cared for through the provision of sustenance in all sectors of human development using the reverse-Duncan Principle of equitable distribution, prompt supply and without judgment. This is contrary to present trends where leaders arguably promote the Duncan Principles, and need ‘political will’ to feed God’s people: For example corrupt plundering of public wealth; and delay of wages and benefits until the people cry out through industrial actions and civil disobedience. “This people have no leaders,” says God Almighty who wants people cared for with sustenance, and natural resources, He has richly provided. But the situation can change.


5.     I will have Mercy: God is the sovereign Ruler of the Universe, and has set aside a day when He will come to reward everyone according to their works. The Big Man of the Universe has decided to save and heal humanity, and leave the wicked spiritual forces promoting lies and violence behind the scenes, to perish. This is a demonstration of absolute authority, which deceived human mediums should remember, and repent or turn away from wicked acts. It is a display of abounding love for humanity, and reason why courageous men and women should come under the leadership of the Holy Spirit to seek elective and non-elective positions. The people must continue to pray:

O God of creation, direct our noble path

Guide our leader’s right

Help our youths the truth to know

With love and honesty to grow

And living just and true

Great lofty heights attain

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign


The above truth about God Almighty “does not tally with present day killings. So you see…. I did not send them” says the Lord. Islamic extremists who have become hard-to-reclaim murderers, corrupt political leaders clamoring for advantage and wealth, cult groups rampant among the civil service, and others who think they do so for God, have been thoroughly deceived. The holy Lord God wants people cared for, not abused and killed: He did not send them!


Dr. Imuetinyan Igbinnosa

Just Peoples Party Secretariat

Abuja Nigeria



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