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Please Avoid Playing Politics With Lives On The Roads.

By: Taiwo Kehinde
Published July 19th, 2014

With the purported ouster of the present Corps Marshal & Chief Executive of the Federal Road Safety Commission in Nigeria, we the concerned Nigerian citizens of the United States of America plead with the Federal  Government of Nigeria to put a Squared peg in a square hole.

Carnage on  our roads has reached an un-acceptable level. The Drivers Licenses and Plate Numbering system has not helped reduced carnage on these roads in any form.  It has only served as ID cards and data verification documents.

Loss of lives witnessed and asserted to by himself  the outgoing Corps Marshal (CM) of FRSC in the past years is unbearable. The people that could have been useful for their families and maybe their immediate environments were wasted on the roads due to carelessness by either themselves or other motorists due to lack of Road education and caution. Most importantly , the compromising nature of the Road Marshals themselves  on those roads are promoting recklessness and uncared attitudes of both commercial and private drivers.


Please promote within as it is done in other Para-military formations. Please do not use Politic on the lives of the people by bringing an outsider when able and more capable highly disciplined  Senior Officers are within who are technically trained to prevent accidents on the highways of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Cdr. Taiwo Kehinde
For : Concerned Nigerian Citizens of the United States of America.



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