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Published April 1st, 2015


At the end of every battle, a winner inexorably emerges. Forget the famous placatory post civil war remark of General Yakubu Gowon, the Nigerian former Head of states declaring " no winner, no vanquished" intended as a reconciliatory strategy for integration of victims of the civil war. The Nigerian presidential election has come and gone. While the victor is already known, the losers need to be put in proper perspective, as there is, of course, a loser! The loser is however, most surprisingly, not President Jonathan! He was able to seize the last minute opportunity to retake what had been taken away from him the very first day he mounted the saddle of power: his will! At the dying minute, he got back his will and was able to exercise what he had long cherished to do but held back by the greedy hawks surrounding him. The will to return the country to its destiny. He looked away from the greed, avarice, selfishness and primordial sentiments of the people around him and made the famous telephone conversation to concede victory to General Buhari, his supposed political adversary, even before he was declared the winner, thereby scoring the bull's eye that may place him on the rank of international statesmen. That last minute decision! The thief on the cross did it and got salvation. Jonathan has done it and gotten world-wide acclaim, not infamy to which he was initially headed.


The loser of the election is the man who saw the evil and the aberrations that characterised the outgoing government but chose to close his eyes and his mouth while they fester; the loser is the man who failed to speak truth to power and allowed the leader to stew in his own mistakes; the loser is the man who would rather remain with any government in power than threading the path of opposition; the loser is the man who threw morals to the wind to whip up inconceivable sentiments against Gen Buhari; the loser is the man who abandoned his calling to kowtow to the language of the lucres dished out by the government; the loser is the man who had the opportunity to serve the people under this government but chose to go against the will of the people and godly purpose of governance; the losers are the orubebes, the Fayoses and the Femi Fani Kayodes of our time and circumstance. While President Jonathan has seized the available last minute opportunity to right his past wrong, placing him on global fame, thereby, how will the true losers redeem their losses, now that the principal has come to himself from them?

is of the law firm of OBLA & CO,
Central Area, ABUJA



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