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What Will You Do When You Live With Hamas?

By Ibako William Ochuko
Published July 31st, 2014

I was hysterical when i learnt Bolivia flagged Israel as a terrorist nation because of the inadvertent death of unarmed Palestinians; and disillusioned at the death of Palestinian women and children who are paying the ultimate price for Hamas stupidity.

Collateral damage is always a by product of conflicts, and should be expected, but curtailed. However, it is unfair prejudiced thinking to consider Israel the aggressor in this case; Hamas purposefully created the conditions for the current crisis in Gaza.

What will you do when over a thousand rockets a day are launched at your major cities and towns with the malicious intent of causing harm and economic damage?

Will you attempt to appease the demon who is bent on destroying you, more so when you have the capacity and might to snuff out the dangers?

Will you sleep well, even during daylight, when you know your enemy has tunneled his way to your living room?

I suppose none of us will allow such circumstances to thrive while we are in charge and have the capacity to recede the lethal threat of the enemy to insignificance. Whatever Israel is doing now in Gaza is justified. Our vitriols and outrage over the deaths of unarmed Palestinians should be directed with laser precision at Hamas.

When Hamas launched rockets into Israel from heavily populated areas of Gaza, they hoped to achieve two major victories. Firstly, to cause the deaths of score of Israelis and violently disrupt their society.

secondly, to spark a global outrage against Israel; when Israel go after those launch sites, which will inadvertently lead to the death of unarmed Palestinians. This is the ultimate goal of Hamas in the seemingly pointless war.


While Israel may be winning the warfare on the ground, Hamas is winning the media war because it has created the right conditions for it. Hamas is turning us against Israel because of the civilian deaths they earnestly crave for.

It should be instructive to note, that Hamas do not see the dead Palestinians as collateral damages; they are seen as martyrs, and the Palestinians themselves buy into this suicidal narrative, that is why they continue to allow Hamas use them as human shield. But, there is a limit to how far humans can be allowed to shield terror; there is always a breaking point.

Back home, Boko Haram has killed more people in Nigeria this year, than Israel has done to the Palestinians, yet we did not see any protest of any sort in the arena of the insurgency by Boko Haram. Even the ethnic group in the eye of the storm resulted to the blame game to feed the 'infidel' narrative of there followers. But this same bigoted zealots are protesting the defensive measures Israel has adopted against the lethal threat and attacks of Hamas on the well being of its citizens and the nation of Israel.

Boko Haram have killed their wives, children, and husbands, but they refused to raise an eyebrow in defiance. What other ideology will substantiate such behavior if not the ideology of counting their dead as martyrs.

Am not totally absolving myself of prejudice in my analysis, but in all, rationality and objectivity will highlight the theme of this piece as a truism. You can't live with Hamas and be docile.

Ibako William Ochuko writes from Delta State. Twitter handle is @ibakowilliam.



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