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Onyeka Kerous Ibeanusi
Published July 29th, 2014


Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria and to many, it is also the commercial, entertainment and fashion capital of Africa. So many people ask with bewilderment, "what is very special about Lagos?". Lagos with an estimated population of over 21 million people from different parts of the world is unique because of it's diversity. People from all walks of life have been able to live together and interact in peace even as more people relocate to Lagos daily in search of their daily bread and a promising future.

To me Lagos is a model of a more successful Nigeria, a small piece of what Nigeria should be like or at least a reminder of the progressive stage and steps taken to achieve our divine destiny as a great nation.

Lagos and its past leaders have not failed in setting high leadership standards too in this era of highly corrupt public office holders. Today Governor Fashola is a household name because of his leadership qualities displayed in Lagos state and APC is a strong opposition party because of its roots in Lagos.

The ethnic heterogeneous nature of Lagos is heightened by the level of literate, vocal and rational people. There is this firm believe that if you touch Lagos state, you have actually touched Nigeria.


The upcoming governorship election will be stiffly contested as PDP will do everything in its power to try to 'steal' Lagos which will be a landmark success for them if they are able to.

Like every normal Lagosian and Nigerian, we look forward to continuity in Lagos. The normal Nigerian system is bedevilled with successors jettisoning predecessor's projects no matter how beneficial it is.  A very significant cause of poor infrastructural development.

PDP and APC will be the strongest contenders for the exalted position as PDP will be hoping to win over Lagos for the first time since 1999 while APC will be trying to retain once again her stronghold.

Right now a lot of names from both parties have been projected as prospective representatives. People like Musiliu Obanikoro (PDP), Senator Gani Olarenwaju Solomon (APC), Jimmy Agbaje (PDP) and Akinwumi Ambode (APC) to mention but a few.

In my Judgement, Jimmy Agbaje and Akinwumi Ambode will make better candidates and stem healthy competition.

Then as a human being, if I am to choose between the both, I will go for Akinwumi Ambode. His sterling academic and public service records is breathtaking. Ambode doesn't strike me as a regular politician, he is more of a technocrat and that is what Lagos state and Nigeria needs.

Onyeka Kerous Ibeanusi

Musician/Writer/Social commentator.



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